Monday, December 16, 2013


In church-culture, we tend to toss around the word "transformation" with an inappropriate flippancy and tone, that rips from it the provocation and power for real change, renewal, and redemption.  When we talk about repentance, we speak of changed hearts and minds - transformed to the likeness of Christ.  But are we really a transforming body?

Recent polls and surveys have shown a pervasive disconnect between relevance, context, and the church.  Yet we continue to speak of transformation.  Is it not contradictory to speak publicly of transformation, yet be known as a body that is "behind the times" and "out of touch with reality?"  How can the church expect people to take our message(s) of transformation seriously, when we refuse to transform our liturgies, our gatherings, and our leadership structures?

I would assume that it's not too far a jump for someone un-churched, post-christian, or "none," to assume that the same church that preaches transformation and yet lacks any resemblance thereof, to worship a god that likewise cannot truly transform.  Because how we transform is a lived-theology to the very nature of God.  If his body and bride (the Church) do not transform, perhaps God can't either...

So boldly live the messages we preach and teach.  Embrace change.  Repent for something new and truly refreshing, so as to transform our churches, communities, and humanity, and to live a theology that resembles the truest nature of God!


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