Monday, January 6, 2014

The Parish is Perishing (PART I)

The Church is in transition.  What it looks like, how it feels, how it’s defined, are all in a state of transition, redefinition, and renewal.  This happens from generation to generation, era to era.  And as we’re moving away from modernism, into post-modernism, this transition becomes heightened and even more necessary.  These can be both challenging times, as well as times for rebirth and recommitment to it’s mission and work in, and throughout, the world.

Specifically analyzing my particular context in St. Louis, Missouri, I will describe the current state of the church – what it looks like, how its perceived, who and how its participated in and with, and its basic structure.  I will use St. Louis as a barometer to gauge its current practices of development, discipleship, and engagement.

I will then define the next generations of un-churched individuals, how they learn, speak, think, interact, and will finally provide executable environments and communities, which will help the church bring them into the fold, which will thrive into the future.  This will require a look back, but will more importantly require redefining current assumptions regarding the church, so as to positively impact the future of the church.

The driving thesis is: to develop, disciple, and engage the growing un-churched culture in St Louis, we must redefine church as a user-generated, creative, and dialogue-driven environment, participating in missio dei.  In doing this, I will show how new and innovative ways of “doing and being Church,” is actually a necessary and pivotal shift for the future of the Church.

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